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by Bill Morgan


Commercial Litigation

Franchise disputes in Australia

Buying a franchise can be a life-changing experience. There are many reasons why you might consider becoming your own boss and open or buy a franchise.

In Australia, the franchising industry is rising rapidly. Currently there are approximately 1180 franchisors in Australia. The below infographic demonstrates the increase in demand for franchises and the types of industries these franchises are found in.

The franchise infographic below also indicates that over 76% of franchise disputes settle at either mediation or via information resolution with a solicitor. Only 24% of all disputes reach litigation stage, due to the effectiveness of mediation and informal discussion with the aid of legal professional.

Franchising Disputes Infographic on Franchises in Australia Turner Freeman Lawyers

About the author

Bill-Morgan-628747-100x100If you have a franchise or if you are thinking about signing a Franchise Agreement, give Bill Morgan a call on 1800 683 928 or via our contact us form.

Bill Morgan, who has been involved in complex commercial litigation for over 20 years including numerous proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Queensland, with particular emphasis on consumer  protection litigation, franchising disputes, contractual disputes, property disputes and insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

Bill has acted in a large number of dispute and litigation matters involving franchisors and franchisees including Frontline Recruitment, Pets Paradise, Destiny Financial Services, First Class Accounts, Cold Rock Ice Cream, Red Rooster and Danoz Direct.

Bill has also provided advice to franchisees considering purchasing franchises including Michele’s Patisserie and Jim’s Cleaning franchises. Our advice deals with the legal and commercial risks and benefits of a prospective franchise agreement and assists franchises to make relevant enquiries and seek key information before making a decision to acquire a franchise.

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