Case Study 1

Seeking a better lifestyle, Anne * and her school-aged daughter Suzy* moved to Australia from the United States. Meanwhile, without Anne’s knowledge, Suzy’s father obtained custody of Suzy through an American court, which ordered Suzy to return to live in the USA. Anne then learned that if she accompanied Suzy back to the US she’d be arrested and imprisoned! Distraught at this, her daughter Suzy confided in school and private counselors that she loved her new life in Australia and wanted to stay there with her mother.

Anne approached Turner Freeman’s highly regarded family law team for professional advice. We acted quickly and successfully applied to the Family Court of Australia for Suzy to stay in Australia with her mother—an arrangement that continues today.

Case Study 2

David* enjoyed a happy relationship with his daughter Amy*, actively sharing in her care. He lived with Amy and her mother. One night, though, David returned home from work to discover both his daughter and wife had disappeared.

David called us and asked for professional help to find Amy. Turner Freeman made an urgent application to the Family Court of Australia, and, working with Centrelink and the Australian Federal Police, we found Amy safe and well in Tasmania. In just a few days she was home with her dad—whom she had dearly missed. Today, David sees Amy regularly and they continue to enjoy a close relationship.

Case Study 3

Everything was arranged for Susie* and Bill’s* forthcoming wedding. Everything except their future finances. Both professionals and property owners on excellent salaries, they had each worked hard to become financially secure well before they met. And while they were excited about their lives together, they also wanted to protect their property and investments—just in case things didn’t work out.

After consulting with our experienced family law specialists, Susie and Bill entered a legally-binding Financial Agreement, setting out their future entitlements—and those of any children—and so avoiding potential financial hardship or unnecessary legal costs in the future.

Case Study 4

Married for more than 10 years, Mr and Mrs Jones* had three children and were still very much in love. However, having worked extremely hard during their marriage, they worried about the impact any future financial hardship might have on themselves and their kids.

Keen to protect each other and their children, they consulted Turner Freeman and entered into a Financial Agreement, making financial provisions for themselves and their children in all foreseeable circumstances. Mr and Mrs Jones continue to work hard and plan for the future, but they now enjoy peace of mind as well.

Case Study 5

For more than 20 years, Mr and Mrs Black* lived together and raised a family. Unfortunately Mr Black’s business began to struggle and the resulting financial strain led to the couple separating. Even so, Mr Black wanted to support his wife and children financially. He worried that if his business failed altogether he wouldn’t be able to provide for them—so he consulted Turner Freeman.

Our highly qualified experts discussed all the options with the Blacks, who decided to enter into a Financial Agreement. This ensured financial stability for the whole family should Mr Black’s business not survive.

* All names have been changed to protect privacy