Defamation Lawyers

These days, injuries to reputation happen more easily and readily than ever before. As the use of social media continues to grow on the internet so to does the very real possibility that someone somewhere may write or communicate a published imputation that damages your reputation.

It’s a serious matter. And one for which legal remedies are at hand. Turner Freeman has acted for a number of high profile individuals and organisations in matters that related to the publication of material that was harmful to the reputations of those concerned.

In legal terms the publication of material that damages a reputation can vary to include anything from a poem to a painting, or weblog article or comment. Even comments made during a radio or television broadcast (once referred to as slander) can be also interpreted as defamatory.

There is a limitation period for court action of one year after the defamatory material has been published, and a person, or organisation, does not need not prove they have suffered any damage because of the material published; all they have to prove is that the communicating material has been published, received by a third person, that it identifies them and that they have been defamed.

In the business world, and socially, a person’s reputation is everything, affecting employment prospects and personal relationships. It’s something that we all actively guard and work hard to improve. Don’t let the foolish actions of another destroy your greatest asset.

If you believe that you have been defamed and would like to find out what legal options are available to you, please call us for advice on what course of action is available to you.

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