Dispute Resolution

At Turner Freeman Business we are able to assist employers in the following areas:-

Collective Employment and Bargaining

Providing strategic and legal advice in respect to collective bargaining including:

  • drafting bargaining process agreements and advising on the enforceability of those documents;
  • the operation of protected industrial action;
  • advising on relevant requirements for disclosure and secret ballot;
  • when a party can declare bargaining to be at an end;
  • communications with employees;
  • good faith obligations;
  • facilitation under the Fair Work Act;
  • the cross initiation of bargaining;
  • contingency planning in the event of a dispute;
  • enhancing productivity through promoting skills acquisition and skills based remuneration;
  • methods of dispute resolution;


General Employment

Organisational change

Assisting to facilitate organisational change including:

  • Adapting to economic circumstances or technological advances;
  • Transmission of business;
  • Business restructure;


Disputes and personal grievances

Advising in respect to: ·

  • The new anti-bullying laws;
  • Dealing with allegations of bullying;
  • Conducting serious misconduct investigations and disciplinary processes for employees including special obligations in respect to senior executives;
  • Advising in respect to the implementation of performance management processes;
  • Providing advice at all levels of the dispute resolution process;


Health and Safety

Advising on: ·

  • the implementation of drug and alcohol policies for employees;
  • consultation with employees relevant unions in order to implement drug and alcohol policies that are in the interests of management and employees;
  • the use of Australian standards for testing; and
  • technological developments in this area.



Advice in respect to general employee relations including; ·

  • Workplace codes of conduct;
  • Policies in respect to workplace consultation and co-operation;
  • Anti-bullying and harassment policies;
  • Dispute prevention and resolution strategies;
  • Disciplinary processes; and
  • Encouraging early return to work after illness or injury.


Discrimination Cases

Advice in respect to compliance with anti-discrimination laws including ensuring that decisions are not based on or related to: ·

  • sex, which includes pregnancy and childbirth;
  • marital status;
  • religious belief;
  • colour;
  • race;
  • ethnic or national origins;
  • disability;
  • age
  • political opinion;
  • employment status;
  • family status; and
  • sexual orientation.