Turner Freeman’s Public Law and Government Advisory Service

Turner Freeman’s Public Law and Government Advisory Service is headed by the Hon Robert McClelland, former Commonwealth Attorney General. Robert is engaged by a number of Organisations to provide high level strategic advice in respect to their dealings with Government. We are able to provide expert advice on all aspects of resolving disputes with Government and public authorities as well as advising on approaches to policy and regulatory reform, including for example;

  • Decisions by the Government and  statutory bodies, either by public law litigation under the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975, the Administrative Decisions Judicial Review ) Act, the Privacy Act 1988, the Ombudsman Act 1976, the Public Accounts and Audit Committee Act 1951 as well as Commonwealth and State Anti discrimination legislation.
  • Inquiries and reviews, including Royal Commissions, Commissions of Inquiry, statutory inquiries and Ministerial and Parliamentary Inquiries.
  • Current or proposed legislation, including law reform and advocating for or against new law reform and advice on Bills currently being considered by Parliament.
  • Government policy, including advocating for policy changes where that is a more efficient outcome than law reform or litigation, and advising on ongoing policy processes.
  • Working with Parliament, including matters of privilege, natural justice and the Standing Orders, as well as the Joint Standing Committee On Human Rights and Senate Scrutiny of Bills Committee.

 Working with Parliament

Our Government advisory service can assist you and your business including in respect to:

  • Legislation – providing advice on the legislative process, including where a Bill is up to, whether it will be enacted, and timeframes.
  • Select committees – making submissions to select committees, taking part in select committee inquiries including appearance at hearings.
  • Parliamentary processes such as parliamentary questions.
  • Natural justice, including rights of reply to adverse statements in Parliament, bias on select committees and the exclusion of damaging evidence from select committees.

Working with Government

Our team has extensive experience in advising clients on a range of government processes including:

  • Policy development and reform – advising on key policy processes and decision-makers, including Cabinet and its processes, to ensure our clients can effectively inform the development of policy.
  • Working with government agencies – we have experience in advising clients on policies and processes across all types of government agencies.

Government Procurement

We are able to advise in respect to Government Procurement guidelines and steps required to tender to supply goods or services to Government.

Overseas Marketing

We are able to advise on possible Government assistance that may be available to assist your business to market its goods and services to overseas markets.

Government Grants

We have extensive experience in researching possible grants that may be available to organisations to assist in implementing Government programmes. We can assist in navigating the complexity of regulatory hurdles that often apply to this area.

Administrative law

The team advises on government decision-making and whether or not such decision-making complies with public law obligations. The team is also able to give litigation advice as well as provide non-litigation options for the resolution of administrative law problems with the government.