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Household & bystander exposure

Asbestos exposure is dangerous when inhaled in any setting and asbestos disease sufferers are not limited to persons who have worked with asbestos materials. Exposure to asbestos can occur and result in a disease from living or working near an asbestos mine or factory or washing a loved one’s clothes which is heavily laden with asbestos fibres.

Clothes washing

Turner Freeman has acted for numerous women who have contracted an asbestos disease as a result of washing and handling their son’s, brother’s, father’s or husband’s asbestos laden clothes. These women often describe shaking the clothes or beating them with a stick to get rid of dust and dirt.

Living near an asbestos mine

Turner Freeman has run a number of claims for people exposed to asbestos as a result of living or working near an asbestos mine or asbestos factory. Vivian Olson Vivian Olson was born at Wittenoom hospital in September 1957. Her family left Wittenoom for Sydney a little over two years later.

Home Renovation

Turner Freeman has acted for numerous men and women who were exposed to asbestos while carrying out or assisting with home renovations and who later contracted mesothelioma. Most home renovators have only very limited exposure to asbestos dust and fibre.


Children love to play with scraps of building materials, help their parents as they work around the house and hug their parents as they get home from work. Some children were exposed to asbestos during such ordinary activities and years later developed asbestos disease.

Bystander to asbestos spray

During the 1950′s, 1960′s and 1970′s asbestos spray fibre was commonly used for fire proofing and sound proofing. Asbestos fibre was sprayed onto the structural steel and concrete slabs so as to prevent fire from doing structural damage to buildings.