What are Australia’s most dangerous jobs?

SafeWork Australia with the assistance of finder.com.au has analysed various data and revealed employees working in the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries are working in the most dangerous jobs in the country. During the period 2003-2015, there was a recorded 744 workplace fatalities and a large amount of workers compensation claims recorded, with over 3% of workers making a claim. More statistics available here. The most dangerous type of sub-division within agriculture was sheep, beef cattle and grain farming.

The transport, postal and warehousing industry came in second, with a recorded 754 fatalities during the period 2003-2015, 535 of which worked as road freight transport workers.

Finally, 469 workers had been killed in construction related incidents during the abovementioned period and 12,575 workers compensation claims were lodged in 2015 alone.

These statistics help to reinforce the importance of the prioritising safety in the workplace. If you have suffered an injury at work, we encourage you to contact our team of workers compensation lawyers on 13 43 63 today.