Unable to work due to Lyme Disease? We can help you claim through Superannuation

If you are suffering from a chronic illness or injury which is preventing you from returning to work, you may be able to claim total and permanent disability (TPD) through your Superannuation fund.

TPD and Life insurance are now compulsory

From 1 January 2014, all superannuation funds include TPD insurance for their members as standard, unless opted out. This means if you claim TPD and the claim is accepted, you are entitled to a lump sum amount if you become TPD. Read more about these new rules here.

Effects of Lyme Disease

Chronic disease or illness like Lyme Disease have long term effects and people can be on antibiotics for many years. If it is misdiagnosed, or under-treated, it can have degenerating effects on the person and/or their likelihood of relapse is greatly increased. In particular Neurological Lyme Disease can have long-lasting permanent effects and can be fatal. You can read more information about Lyme Disease, its symptoms and treatments at the Lyme Disease Association of Australia website.

Chronic illness

Chronic illness like Lyme Disease and terminal illnesses such as cancer that causes you to stop regular work satisfies the definition of TPD within the majority of all insurance policies.

Super funds also offer income protection insurance if you are temporarily unable to work.  Make sure to check your super statement carefully to find out what coverage you have and what you can claim for.

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and cannot work, talk to us

As a result of the ongoing controversy and debate around Lyme Disease some insurers can reject claims or may request reports from specialists who do not accept and believe that this disease or the condition for Lyme Disease is genuine.

These decisions can and should be challenged. If you have submitted a claim for TPD but it was rejected, call us on 1800 088 677 and we can help you challenge, contest and dispute this decision.