On 4 December 2018, the Supreme Court handed down its Judgment in the class action brought by Turner Freeman Lawyers as against The Cosmetic Institute companies and Dr Eddy Dona. The Court dismissed the applications brought by the defendants which attempted to prevent the class action from continuing. The Court ruled that the class action should be allowed to continue. In practical terms, this means that the legal roadblock has been removed by the Court and the class action proceedings can now move forward so that the cases of so many injured women can be advanced.

Put your hand up to be counted

It is very important that you put up your hand to be counted in the class action. Please register your interest in the class action with Turner Freeman Lawyers. Please visit our website and follow the prompts and you will be contacted by either Sally Gleeson, Medical Negligence Partner leading the class action, or a member within her team.

If you have any questions, you can contact Sally Gleeson, on 02 8222 3333.