The Daily Telegraph reported on 6 December 2016 that tragically an eighteen month old toddler was hit by a reversing vehicle and later died in hospital.

Holiday tragedy

The author of this article has been to this caravan park before, and most readers no doubt have camped and holidayed in these types of parks before. It is truly a tragic event in such a beautiful and fun place.

Like all caravan parks, there are children playing, running around and enjoying the outdoors, which for most parents would be a pleasant change from children being slaves to the screens of a tablet or smart phone.

This article is based only upon the reporting of The Daily Telegraph and what parents or onlookers could do as a result of such a situation.

Although the caravan park might be considered private property, this does not exclude people being able to make a claim as a result of this motor vehicle accident.

The Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999, obligates the CTP Insurer to attend  to payment of funeral expenses. No doubt very helpful to the parents of this toddler, during this difficult time.

If  a psychological/psychiatric reaction follows  from the devastation of this event, parents and family members of this toddler will be able to make a claim for nervous shock, as will any witnesses. A claim for nervous shock is for the compensation resulting from the impact the accident has had on them. In this instance for example a depressive reaction may ensue and this will require General Practitioner treatment, counselling, psychiatric referral, medication and perhaps cause time off work. Therefore a claim would be confined to reasonable and necessary medical expenses, payment for loss of wages, and potentially pain and suffering.

The motor accident compensation system, generally speaking is a fault-based system so the driver of the motor vehicle would not be able to make such a claim, for compensation above and beyond $5,000.00.

Time limits apply in regards to these claims, specifically claims that involve a motor vehicle accident, and you should obtain legal advice urgently. Contact Turner Freeman today on 13 43 63 and speak to one of our personal injury lawyers today.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those connected to this terrible tragedy.