For the past four months Australian viewers have been hooked to their television screens with the television show Married at First Sight. The show followed the trials and tribulations of several couples looking for love.

These couples are matched by psychologists and are followed intensely by television and production crews in the months following their initial blind date, and supposed blind marriage. All viewers would have seen the intensity of the show and the difficulties some of the contestants were going through in their relationships. There was villain’s casts such as ‘Jonesy’ and ‘Anthony’, however now according to a article published on 4 April 2017 there is valid concerns about the contestant’s psychological health.

Psychological injures suffered on, or as a result of the show

It would appear that given the pressure of the television show these contestants, who are employees of the production company, could and already would be psychologically injured as a result of what has happened to them and particularly reactions of viewers and how viewers now perceive them. Their social media accounts are inundated with criticism and hate. The selective editing and casting of the show’s villains has impacted people’s psychological health. As they’re in the workplace any impact upon their health will entitle them to lodge a Worker’s Compensation claim if they require psychological counselling, medical treatment or are unable to work moving because of their injury.

If an injured worker sustains a psychological injury in a workplace it is not always accepted by the Workers Compensation Insurer and there are issues such as section 11A of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 that says if injury was sustained as a result of reasonable administrative  action exercised by an employer than this is a complete defence to any claim for psychological injury whether a serious injury or not has been sustained by a worker’s employment.

Although the factual circumstances of this television show are quite unique, it is not uncommon for people to be perceived badly in their workplace as a result of various management styles of people running organisations, and as a result of these perceptions people too can sustain psychological injuries in the workplace as a result of these situations manifesting.

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