In the recent decision of Wright v Wright[i] two adult children, who were completely left out of their father’s will applied for further provision from the estate. The estate was valued at approximately $1.7 million.  $630,000.00 was left to a charity and the residuary estate was divided equally between the testator’s two sisters.

The facts

Estrangement between the deceased and the two applicants was a central issue to the case. The deceased for approximately twenty years spent time away from home in the Navy.  The applicants an adult daughter born in 1966 and an adult son born in 1969 lost contact with the deceased in 1979 approximately three years after the deceased had separated from their mother.  The adult daughter had unsuccessfully attempted to reconcile with the deceased.  Both applicants were of good character and modest means.  The daughter also suffered from ill health.

His Honour made the following findings:

  • The lengthy period of estrangement was relevant to the decision because it was part of the ‘whole of the relationship between the applicants and the deceased.’ However, the applicants’ conduct did not disentitle them to the benefit of an order.
  • The applicants demonstrated that inadequate provision was made in the Will. Both applicants were employed, did not own a home and were not financially stable. The adult daughter also suffered from a psychological disorder.
  • If the testator had been fully aware of the circumstances of the applicants, it would have been wise and just to provide substantially for his children while still leaving significant gifts for her sisters and the charity.

Hi Honour ordered provision of $400,000.00 to the daughter and $350,000.00 to the son and costs paid out of the estate.

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[i] Wright v Wright [2016] QDC 74