Workplace Health and Safety Queensland is offering free workshops statewide to help employers better manage hazardous manual tasks using the PErforM (Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks) program.

These workshops aim to develop skills to:

  • better understand the PErforM program and participative ergonomics
  • better understand and manage the resources required to implement PErforM
  • give you the ability to deliver PErforM training
  • better facilitate risk assessment of any manual tasks using PErforM
  • better facilitate the management of manual tasks risks through developing and implementing effective controls
  • gain understanding in the importance of ongoing review and evaluation.

You will also be given the ability to use the PErforM risk assessment tool.

This workshop is designed for employers who:

  • want to implement the PErforM program
  • occupy a position where they need to manage workers
  • have good communication and motivational skills
  • have an overall broad knowledge of risk management and hazardous manual tasks
  • preferably have experience in training and facilitation.

Note: Lunch is not provided at these workshops.