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Lidia Monteverdi on 2GB discussing Medical Negligence 28 August 2021

Lidia Monteverdi providing Q & A on the 2GB Chris Smith Show discussing Medical Negligence 28 August 2021


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CS       We’ve had some fantastic emails through the week, some difficult predicaments for some. Spiro, one of our listeners says my wife was recently taken to hospital as she was suffering from a stroke, by the time the doctors realised she was having a stroke it was too late to treat her, she now has to re-learn how to walk. Would my wife have a medical negligence claim.

LM     So in order to establish negligence your wife needs to establish 4 things. She needs to show that a duty of care existed and of course that’s very well established that doctors. hospitals, nurses owe a duty of care to their patients. She then needs to show that the practitioners who were treating her at the hospital breached their duty of care to her which has caused her to suffer from some damage or harm, clearly she has suffered from some damage or harm. Now expert medical evidence is required to prove medical negligence, and in cases involving a stroke, timely diagnosis and treatment is crucial because there’s only a very small window of a few hours to treat the clot which is causing the stroke before it’s too late, so look there are, it sounds like your wife should investigate a medical negligence claim and I would really urge her to get in touch with us at Turner Freeman or you can do so on her behalf.

CS       Yeah, begin the process as early as you can. Aleeni, another one of our listeners has emailed in saying I live in Taree and heard that there is an enquiry into Manning Base Hospital. I recently went to the hospital and think the treatment I received was pretty bad, do you know about the enquiry into the hospital and what does it mean?

LM     Yes, Aleeni, the enquiry that you’re referring to is the NSW Parliamentary enquiry into health outcomes and access to health and hospital service in rural regional and remote New South Wales. It’s a mouthful but basically the enquiry is looking at whether our health care system is rural regional and remote New South Wales is adequate and whether it is working properly. The enquiry recently had a public sitting in Taree where members of the enquiry went to Taree, spoke to local people, doctors and Manning Base Hospital executive staff and the evidence generally that came out of that public sitting was that there is a lack of local medical services such as cardiology, radiology, ear, nose and throat surgeons, there’s a lack of local staff and there is just a huge need for services like indigenous health care and mental health services that are specific to the Manning Great Lakes area and if you were not happy with the treatment that you received at the hospital then give us a call at Turner Freeman and we can provide you with some advice.

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