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General Negligence Compensation

An incident can happen on private or public property, up in the air, on the road at work or even in the sea. In order to make a claim a failure to take reasonable care for a person’s safety must generally be proven.

If you have suffered because of someone else’s negligence then you will be able to gain compensation for your loss of earnings and medical and related expenses – both future and past. It may also be possible to claim for the care that others have provided to you, or you have been unable to provide to others.

If you can also show that your claim is of sufficient seriousness you will be able to gain compensation for your suffering.

As soon as possible after any incident occurs it is important for you to begin to collect evidence for your claim. Witness details and, if possible, photographs of where the incident occurred are vital.

As your lawyers, we also gather evidence on your behalf – including medical material and details of any earnings lost, engage experts and assess your future needs. We communicate and negotiate with the other party and will look after all aspect of your claim to ensure you receive the best possible result.

There are strict time limits in place within which you must bring a claim. It is important that you seek independent legal advice at the earliest opportunity so that we can advise you about these limitation periods, the assessment process for claims in your state and to make sure your interests and rights are protected.

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