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Below are some of our landmark victories

  • The first product liability claim against an asbestos manufacturer, James Hardie & Coy Pty Limited in Australia.
  • The first verdict on behalf of a child born at Wittenoom and exposed to blue asbestos dust in the township.
  • The first verdict on behalf of a victim who was working with brake lining materials as a fitter in an engineering firm.
  • A succession of successful judgments for workers exposed to asbestos and suffering from lung cancer.
  • The first verdict on behalf of a waterside worker suffering from asbestos disease.
  • The first verdict on behalf of a victim who contracted mesothelioma from doing home renovations.
  • The first successful compensation case for a man who contracted lung cancer as a result of workplace exposure to chromate.
  • Turner Freeman has the experience and skill to provide the specialised legal services needed by victims of dust disease throughout Australia and overseas.
  • We represent members of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia, the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union and the Retired Maritime Union of Australia.
  • Turner Freeman represented the coalition of unions and asbestos support groups at the James Hardie Inquiry.

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