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National Child Protection Weeks kicks off this weekend on 3 September 2017 in supporting the safety and wellbeing of young children. When it comes to children it is quite concerning how many are exposed to or are at risk of family and domestic violence.

Definition of an AVO

Apprehended Violence Orders otherwise known as AVOs are a preventative legal option in ensuring the safety of children and adults when violence may be an issue. An AVO can be applied for at a local police station where an order can be granted. These orders may include preventing a person from threatening to engage in domestic violence, engaging in violence, stalking, intimidation or from coming near their victims. When an AVO is broken the law takes this very seriously and a criminal charge can be imposed if the conditions are breached.

What happens if one is imposed?

When an AVO is imposed on a parent against their children, partner or ex-partner advice should be sought if parenting proceedings are on foot, there are parenting orders in place or you think you may seek parenting orders in the near future.

If there are no parenting orders in place an AVO can make spending time with or contacting children difficult. Parenting arrangements can be greatly affected by AVOs and an AVO does not override obligations in parenting orders.

Allegations of domestic violence can make parenting proceedings more difficult and it is unfavourable when one is made in an attempt to stop a parent from coming to a home or being near their children where false allegations of domestic violence are made by a partner to obtain an AVO purely to use as an advantage in the parenting proceedings.

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