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Partners presenting at the Sydney medico-legal seminar

Our Accredited Specialists Gaius Whiffin and Fiona Seaton have presented a medico-legal seminar (The Doctor in Court) at the Sydney General Practice & Exhibition Conference (GPCE) over the last weekend. More than 50 GPs and allied health professionals from around Australia attended the seminar and provided positive feedback on the information provided.

Gaius and Fiona explained the role that doctors are often asked to play when their patients have personal injury compensation claims, as well as a brief summary of how different types of claims proceed and what entitlements are available to the patients in those claims. Many doctors were unsure about the compensation claims and report writing process and this seminar addressed their issues and questions in their medico-legal practice.

Thank you for everyone who attended our seminar at the GPCE. If you are a doctor or practice manager and interested in our medico-legal seminar topics, please contact our office for more information.

Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law Fiona Seaton | Turner Freeman Lawyers NSW
Accredited Specialist Fiona Seaton presenting at the GPCE Conference.
Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law Gaius Whiffin | Turner Freeman Lawyers NSW
Accredited Specialist Gaius Whiffin presenting at the GPCE Conference.

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