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Turner Freeman Lawyers is proud to announce the appointment of Kit Baigent, one of our Sydney lawyers, to a new, specialist panel established by the Law Society of NSW. The panel is called the Specialist Legal Practitioners Panel for Minors and Young Adults in Civil Claims against the State and/or Other Bodies.

The panel aims to connect children and young adults (including their carers, parents and guardians) with specialist lawyers, such as Kit, experienced in successfully bringing civil claims against the NSW Department of Family & Community Services (FACS or DoCS). By connecting children and young adults with these specialist lawyers, it is hoped that children and young people will be able to obtain independent, confidential and specialist legal advice on their claims.

Kit specialise in claims involving the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children and young people and he has been selected for the panel because of his success in bringing civil claims against the NSW Government and because of his experience working with vulnerable clients, particularly children and young adults.

The panel is an excellent initiative, and Kit is looking forward to working with many children and young people, as well as the significant people in their lives, and helping his clients to obtain a sense of justice and personal healing.

If this is the right time for you to act, we encourage you to contact our specialist, Kit Baigent, on (02) 8222 3333 or at

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