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Mother’s Day is a whole day set aside to celebrate and cherish the women who raised us. Some schools host stalls and raffles during the week for the occasion and some children attend to the annual tradition of making breakfast in bed.

For some mums and children, Mother’s day is like every other and consist of weekend sport. What does this mean for separated parents and who the children spend time with if it’s dad’s weekend or dad normally takes them to Sunday sport?

If it’s dad’s turn on this day, most orders will incorporate dad’s time to be suspended on Mother’s Day and a reciprocal order will be in place when the same scenario occurs on Father’s Day. Some orders may include a particular time of the day to be spent with mum and another part of the day to be spent with dad.

Where there are no orders parents may agree to an additional weekend or make up time with dad so that the kids can spend time with mum on Mother’s Day.

While it may be a discrete issue, in scenarios where sport is involved a common question raised by mum is can dad be there during my time with the children or vice versa during a sporting event and am I in breach of the orders if I don’t take the kids to sport because it is my time with them? The answer to this will often depend on the way applicable Orders are drafted.

In a recent Family Court matter before Justice Foster His Honour made it clear that sporting events are not an arena for family conflict between separated parents and both parents are entitled to attend and support the children because it is in their best interests, however no orders were made forcing the mother or father to enroll the children into weekend sport or that either parent be responsible in taking the children on the weekend during their time. This is to be considered on Mother’s day over the weekend.

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