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Many legal problems that arise in the workplace could have been avoided if the parties had thought to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment prior to commencement.

Employment is ultimately a contractual relationship. This means that at its core the rights and obligations of the parties are contractual rights and obligations.

For many employees, none of the terms of their contract of employment are set out in writing. For others, the only part of the contract in writing is a letter of offer which may contain a starting date, and initial salary, but nothing more. Some employers provide written contracts prepared by lawyers, but there is never any discussion or dispute about its terms.

A clear and straight forward written contract often assists. A sensible discussion and negotiation as to the terms will often avoid later conflict.

Turner Freeman is able to assist by:

  • advising as to the meaning of contractual terms;
  • advising as to the potential risks and dangers in proposed contracts;
  • advising on negotiations for contracts, including drafting contractual terms.

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