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Asbestos induced carcinoma of the lung

This is often referred to as bronchogenic carcinoma. It is recognised as being one of the most common complications of asbestos exposure and it usually causes death. Asbestos induced carcinoma of the lung is one of the most fatal of the common cancers.

It is not necessary for a worker to have asbestosis in order to attribute bronchogenic carcinoma to asbestos exposure. The attribution can be made if there has been sufficient exposure to asbestos dust even if the person was also a smoker.

Asbestos induced carcinomas of other organs

The most common types of asbestos related cancers are mesothelioma and lung cancer. Asbestos has been implicated in other types of cancer including renal cell carcinoma and laryngeal cancer. Such cases can be very difficult to prove at law however. There is some scientific evidence of a link between exposure to asbestos and other types of cancers, but the science in this area is still in a state of evolution. In order to make a claim for any type of asbestos induced lung cancer, it is necessary to prove at law that the cancer has either been caused or materially contributed to by exposure to asbestos dust.

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