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Important Turner Freeman Victories

Turner Freeman Lawyers managing partner in AdelaideAnnie Hoffman has run more asbestos cases to trial in South Australia than any other lawyer. She has run a successful series of litigation against BHP in South Australia, which has paved the way for other South Australian asbestos victims.

Turner Freeman has the largest and most experienced asbestos practice in Australia.

We ran our first asbestos claim in New South Wales in 1982. In South Australia, Turner Freeman has been representing victims of asbestos disease since the late 1990s, and established the Adelaide office in 2001. In 2009, we opened another office in Whyalla.

Turner Freeman’s vast experience in dust diseases litigation means that it has a wealth of information in relation to possible exposures to asbestos, the development of medical and scientific knowledge as to the dangers of exposure to asbestos, the different company structures and insurers, and the aetiology of the various dust diseases, which is readily available to assist in running claims. Our accumulated knowledge is particularly important in South Australia where the Dust Diseases Tribunal Act allows a claimant to rely upon evidence given in previous proceedings to prove their claim.

Client stories

Over the last 35 years, our team has achieved countless victories for our clients and fought for changes to compensation reforms across the nation. Some of our heroic client stories are featured below.

Bernie Banton

Bernie was the first person to make a second claim for damages after being diagnosed with a second, different asbestos disease.
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John William Booth

John William Booth contracted malignant pleural mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lung caused by asbestos, when he was 71 years of age.
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Mr van Soest

Mr. van Soest was employed by BHP at their Whyalla Shipyard in 1962 for 11 weeks as a painter and docker.
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Parker vs. BHP Billiton Limited

The decision was the first dust diseases judgement in Australia against BHP in which liability was fully contested.
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Trevor Reynolds

On Friday 15 December 2006, the District Court of South Australia handed down its first ever decision under the Dust Diseases Act 2005.
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William Abel

Between 1963 and 1979 Turner Freeman client William Abel worked as a sheetmetal worker, assistant plumber and foreman plumber for Atco.
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Belinda Dunn

Belinda Dunn was one of the first person to be awarded damages due to exposure to asbestos dust for a short time, and as a child.
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Melissa Haylock

Melissa Haylock contracted mesothelioma at the age of 41 years. Her only exposure to asbestos was as a small child in 1964.
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Les Lawler

Les Lawler was one of thousands of ex-servicemen exposed to asbestos dust during his time in the Navy.
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