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A claim for medical negligence may be available where a person has suffered an injury as a result of medical treatment.  Claims can be made against a treating doctor or hospital.  To make a claim the injured person must show that the doctor or hospital owed a duty of care (which is usually not difficult to prove in a doctor/patient relationship), that there was a breach of the duty of care in the way that medical treatment was provided, and that an injury has been suffered as a result.

Medical negligence is a complex area of law that requires the specialist knowledge and skills held by our team of personal injury lawyers.

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A wide variety of injuries can result from negligent medical treatment.  In many cases the injury suffered as a result of medical negligence will be obvious.  However, at times it can be difficult to determine the difference between the outcome of medical treatment that is negligent and not negligent. Often, the medical treatment complained of was sought because of an existing injury or medical condition.  Determining the result of the negligent treatment is, therefore, an important step in the claim and requires careful expert opinion.

Our Fee Policy in Medical Negligence Claims

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide | Turner Freeman Lawyers SA

For personal injury claims in the state of South Australia we act for our clients on a No Win-No Fee basis. In other words, unless we are successful in receiving compensation on behalf of the client they will not be charged for the legal work done by our firm or any expenses incurred when investigating the claim. Call 13 43 63 and speak to one of our personal injury lawyers for further information about our No Win-No Fee policy. Conditions do apply.

Our South Australian offices are in Adelaide CBD and Whyalla.


What are some examples of negligent treatments?

What are some examples of negligent treatments?

Some examples of negligent medical treatments may include:

  • incompetent surgical treatment;
  • incompetent care after surgery;
  • failure to refer a patient for appropriate specialist treatment;
  • delay in diagnosing a medical condition;
  • failure to report test results correctly;
  • failure to warn or provide advice as to the risk of complications or adverse outcomes in relation to medical treatment or a medical procedure;
  • incompetent prescription of medication.

What can I claim for?

What can I claim for?

If negligence can be proved, compensation can be claimed for pain and suffering, out-of-pocket expenses such as the cost of further medical treatment, care and assistance needed as a result of the injury as well as loss of earnings.

Are there time limits for claiming compensation?

Are there time limits for claiming compensation?

Time limits apply so it is important to know your rights and to take action within the limitation period.  Generally a person has three years in which to claim from the date that the cause of action arises, which is usually the date of injury.  It is therefore imperative to obtain timely legal advice for medical negligence claims.

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