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As sufferers of occupational cancers, one of the most pressing concerns is to ensure medical and other costs are covered.

The fact that medical costs are covered will enable those suffering occupational cancers to have appropriate and (importantly) regular treatment. Such treatment can lead to the early detection of any worsening of the cancer condition.

In the last ten years, Turner Freeman has developed the most extensive Australian practice in obtaining compensation for skin cancer sufferers who have been exposed to significant sunlight during the course of their working lives.

The compensation available includes:

  1. A lump sum for the current degree of impairment suffered as a result of the skin cancer condition.
  2. Coverage of medical expenses, both past and ongoing.
  3. The ability to claim further lump sums if the degree of impairment suffered deteriorates.

It is important to make compensation claims for skin cancers as soon as a worker is aware as to his/her skin cancer condition.

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