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If you would like further advice relating to compensation entitlements arising out of skin cancer conditions, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 08 8213 1000.

We will request copies of medical reports (from your treating doctors) already in existence, in relation to your skin cancer condition. Once we have received these reports, we will have your condition assessed by a WorkCover SA accredited medical specialist.

Once we have received all necessary medical evidence, and once we have also received any information which we require from either you, your employer or Medicare, we should be able to formally make your claim.

Turner Freeman Lawyers is willing to act on a” no win, no pay” basis if you have sustained a work-related skin cancer condition. We are also willing to fund your disbursements (medical reports, Court filing fees, and so on) while your claim progresses, and only seek payment of our costs and disbursements once the claim is successfully concluded.

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