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Sally Gleeson discussing The Cosmetic Institute Class Action

Rights of patients when undergoing cosmetic procedures

Friday, 15 September 2017 

Chris /Sally


: Today, September 15 2017, and to begin the program I have some exclusive breaking news for you. You may recall that during our legal matter segment earlier this week I spoke to Sally Gleeson from Turner Freeman about the death of that Sydney beauty clinic owner, a Chinese tourist with no qualifications performed the procedure on her allegedly injected the wrong dose of anaesthetic. The victim went into cardiac arrest, and passed away a couple of days later. Well, you had a lot of questions about the rights of patients when undergoing cosmetic procedures and today I can exclusively tell you that the class action has just been filed against Australia’s largest cosmetic surgery provider; The Cosmetic Institute. Our medical law expert from Turner Freeman Sally Gleeson is back on air. Good afternoon.

Sally: Hi good afternoon Chris.

Chris: Now just to clarify Cosmetic Institute is or is not linked to what occurred at this Chinese run Chippendale clinic.

Sally: No, it’s not linked in any way.

Chris: Right, okay. What is The Cosmetic Institute?

Sally: TCI is, they say, the largest provider of cosmetic surgery in the form of breast augmentation surgery to women in Australia. Since they opened their doors some time in 2012, they’ve been providing breast augmentation procedures at their various clinics in Australia to a large group of women they say up to 20,000 women.

Chris: So you have a number of those 20,000 who have come to you alleging negligence is that right?

Sally: We have, um many women, a large group of women since the first matter unfolded in 2015 approach us alleging that they have been victim to what they say is a failure by the cosmetic institute to adhere to the requisite standard of care in the performance of breast augmentation procedures on them.

Chris: Okay. Breast augmentation procedures which led to what allegedly?

Sally: Allegedly, it’s led to one of the women; at least we know one or two of the women suffering cardiac arrest and seizures from toxic doses of anaesthesia. We know of at least one more woman who suffered a lung puncture. The vast majority of cases involve women who have suffered infections; physical disfigurement in many cases the need to undergo a number of additional surgeries to rectify the damage both at TCI and elsewhere. So there’s a range of complications that are being alleged some more serious than others, some extremely serious, some women nearly died, um and uh

Chris: And no doubt mental stress as a result of those physical injuries.

Sally: Absolutely, permanent psychological injuries as a result of ongoing and permanent physical disfigurement that many of my clients suffer from.

Chris: Right, so what’s the procedure from here Sally?

Sally: Uh well it’s a class action; it’s been filed in The Supreme Court of NSW. We have 5 women who represent the group, and the potential group of women as they will grow no doubt as the matter unfolds, and we have to comply with court processes um and uh we will do our best to ensure that the matter travels efficiently and expeditiously so that ultimately, these women can get the justice they deserve.

Chris: Okay, thank you very much for your time this afternoon.

Sally: No problem, thanks Chris.

Chris: Alright, from Turner Freeman Sally Gleeson who is running the case. This is the largest cosmetic surgery provider in Australia. TCI, and the complications as a result of alleged negligence are very serious indeed and we’ll keep across that case for you as it proceeds.


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