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Asbestos products – insulation and lagging

Up until the 1980′s, asbestos was widely used for insulation and sound proofing in Western Australia.

In many commercial and industrial buildings, power stations and onboard ships, asbestos was sprayed as insulation and sound proofing on bulkheads, beams, columns and ceilings.

Hot water and steam pipes were extensively lagged with asbestos insulation, usually in the form of asbestos rope, pre-formed asbestos pipe sections or asbestos composition mixed with water to form a paste or slurry. Asbestos was also widely used as insulation on furnaces, turbines and boilers in factories, steel works, refineries, railways and power stations in Western Australia, including the Kwinana Power Station and Western Australia Government Railways.

Asbestos mats or blankets were regularly used around boilers and as heat protection while welding. Asbestos gloves were also widely used as heat protection while welding or handling very hot objects. For example cooks in the Navy wore asbestos gloves when removing food from the ovens.

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