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Examples of products containing asbestos

The following are some of the typical products that may contain asbestos:

Acoustical Plaster Crock Pots Insulation Seals
Acoustic Finishes Decorative Plaster Laboratory Gloves
Adhesives Duct Tape Laboratory Hoods
Agricultural Filler Duplex pipe covering Lagging adhesive
Air Cell Pipe covering Dry Mix Joint Compound Lagging cloth
Asbestos Gloves Ehret Block Machine Room Ducts
Asbestos Cord Ehret Pipe covering Machine Room Ceilings
Asbestos Canvas Electrical Cloth Machine Room Floors
Asbestos Curtains Electrical Panel Partitions Machine Room Walls
Asbestos Felt Electric Wiring Insulation Marine Panels
Asbestos Finishing Cement Elevator Brake Shoes Masonry Fill
Asbestos Flat board Emulsion Adhesive Metal Mesh Blanket
Asbestos Lap Expansion Joint Mittens
Asbestos Micarta Fertilizers Mitts
Asbestos Millboard Firebrick Navy Sealer
Asbestos Mineral Wool Firefoil Board Packing Materials
Asbestos Pads Fireproofing Materials Paint
Asbestos Panel Flex Board Patching Fiber
Asbestos Packing Flexible Duct Connectors Patching Plaster
Asbestos Roalboard Flooring Backing Potting Mixtures
Asbestos Seals Fire Blankets Popcorn Popers
Asbestos Sheets Pipe Insulation Permaboard
Asbestos Sponge Block Pipe Covering Refractory Cement
Asbestos Rope Pumps Rollboard
Asbestos Tiles Putties Rope
Asbestos Tape Fire Curtains Roofing Felt
Asbestos Wick Fire Dampers Roofing Shingles
Asbestos Yarn Fire Doors Sheet Packing
Attic Insulation Fume Hoods Sheet Rope
Automotive Breaks Furnace Cement Silicate Calsilite
Automotive Clutches Gasket Material Spackle
Automotive Hoodliners Generators Spray Fireproofing
Boiler Insulation Glassbestos Stone Corrugated Sheets
Boiler Wall Coat Glassblower Mitts Stone Sheathing
Blown-in Insulation Gold Bond Adhesive Stove Mats
Bonding Cement G.B. Asbestos Paper Taping Compounds
Breaching Insulation G.B. Asbestos Sheets Textile Cloths
Brick and Block Mortar Gold Bond Cement Textured Paints
Calcium Silicate Insulation Gunning Mix Thermal Paper Products
Ceiling Tiles Hair Dryers Thermal Spray
Cement Pipes Heating Ducts Turbines
Cement Siding Heat Seal Valve Rings
Cement Wallboard Hitemp board Valve Stem Packing
Clay Hitemp pipecovering Valves
Cigarette Filters Hitemp Insul. Cement Vermiculite Compounds
Cooling Towers HVAC Duct Insulation Vinyl Floor Tile
Corrugated Paper Insulation Coating Vinyl Wallpaper
Cork Overing Insulation Duct Welding Blankets
Ductwork Connectors Insulation Jacketing Welding Rods
Duplex block Insulating Mix Wood Fiber Plaster


The list of products which contained asbestos however is virtually endless and extreme care should be taken when working with or around any product that could potentially contain asbestos.

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