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Compensation for Noise Induced Hearing Loss

If you have noticed that your hearing has deteriorated and you believe it is because of your work, then you may be entitled to compensation for Noise Induced Hearing Loss. 

Your rights to compensation for Noise Induced Hearing Loss, like most work injury claims will typically arise under the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

To succeed in a claim for compensation (Hearing Loss Claim) you will need to prove two things;

  1. you have sustained a 10% or more hearing loss; and
  1. your hearing loss occurred in a “prescribed noisy workplace”.

The amount of compensation you will be entitled to receive will depend on the percentage level of your hearing loss up to $171,230; the current prescribed maximum sum for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Prescribed Noisy Workplaces

A “prescribed noisy workplace” is a work environment where you are exposed to noise levels of 90 decibels or more during the course of an 8 hour shift. This is about the same level of noise created by an idling truck at a distance of 1 metre.

Workers subjected to a “peak noise” of 140 decibels during their employment should have their hearing tested. This is close to the same level of noise generated by a high calibre firearm being fired close to the user’s ear.

Examples of prescribed noisy workplaces include:

  • mining & construction sites
  • refineries & power stations
  • locomotive and railway yards
  • welding & fabrication sheds
  • mechanical workshops
  • abattoirs and other factories
  • working with heavy machinery or in engine rooms

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims – Here’s What to Do 

  1. Ask your employer to arrange a WorkCover Approved Hearing Test.
  1. If your employer agrees and sends you for a WorkCover Approved Hearing Test, call Turner Freeman Lawyers on 13 43 63 with your results.
  1. If your employer refuses to arrange a WorkCover Approved Hearing Test, call Turner Freeman Lawyers on 13 43 63. We will arrange one for you through WorkCover WA.
  1. If your WorkCover Approved Hearing Test reveals you have a hearing loss of 10% or more, Turner Freeman Lawyers will provide you with advice and assistance on your Hearing Loss Claim.
  1. You must bring a claim for Hearing Loss within 12 months of you ceasing your employment in a prescribed noisy workplace.
  1. Turner Freeman Lawyers represents workers pursuing Hearing Loss Claims on a ‘No Win, No Fee Basis‘ .

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