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Skin Cancer compensation in WA

It is a sad fact that Western Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Of these skin cancers, melanoma is responsible for more deaths than any other, despite being the  least common type. It is becoming increasingly apparent that many sufferers of skin cancer have contracted the disease from working in the sun for extended periods, sometimes decades, with little to no protection. The extent of exposure to direct sunlight in the workplace is often overlooked.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have contracted melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (“BCC”) or squamous cell carcinoma (“SCC”) from workplace sun exposure, you may be entitled to compensation. It is possible to lodge skin cancer claims many years after the initial exposure.

Those suffering from melanoma and other skin cancers, can contact us for a free consultation. With our “No Win, No Fee” policy, we will not charge you unless your claim is successful.

Our No Win No Fee policy in skin cancer claims in WA

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Perth| Turner Freeman Lawyers WA

Turner Freeman Personal Injury Lawyers work on ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis for our skin cancer and melanoma claims. Call (08) 9325 0900 to speak with our specialist personal injury solicitor Fatima Verdingola in Western Australia. Our WA office is located in Perth CBD.

Our Skin Cancer Lawyer in WA


How does No Win No Fee work for skin cancer and melanoma claims?

After we have investigated your skin cancer compensation claim at no obligation to you, we will then make a decision about whether we would be prepared to act for you on a No Win – No Fee basis. At that time, we will provide you with a proper written advice regarding your prospects of success and whether we are prepared to act for you on a No Win – No Fee basis.

Under our usual terms and conditions, No Win – No Fee simply means that we if take your case on, we will only be paid a reasonable fee for the legal work we have done for you at the end of the claim and only if you win.

In the highly unlikely event that your claim goes to trial and in the even more unlikely event that your case goes all the way to trial and you lose, we will not seek to charge you anything for all of the work we have done for you.

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