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Total and Temporary Disablement (TTD) benefits

If you temporarily cannot work because of a disability, injury or illness, you may be able to claim Total and Temporary Disablement (TTD) benefits. Salary continuance or income protection benefits can also provide financial support if you are unable to work.

Your disability does not need to be caused by work.

How we can help

For more information on how we can assist with your income protection claims, please call us on 13 43 63 to speak with our TPD claims specialist Fatima Verdingola in Western Australia or come and visit us. Our WA office is located in Perth CBD.


Can I claim?

Am I eligible to claim income protection?

To claim income protection you will need medical evidence that proves your illness or disability stopped you from working or earning an income. Your disability, however does not need to be caused by work.

Income protection benefits are generally paid for a defined period (usually between 2 to 5 years). Depending on your coverage, there may be some policies that will pay benefits for longer.

You may also be able to claim even if you can perform a different job to your usual occupation, and it is costing you money. For example if you are only able to work part-time, and you were employed as a full-time employee prior to the disability, injury or illness, you may be able to claim the difference.

Is there a waiting period?

Is there a waiting period?

Yes. There are always waiting periods that apply before you can claim payments. These waiting periods however can differ significantly depending on your policy.

Waiting periods generally can be anywhere from 14, 30 or 90 days, or even longer.

How much will I get?

How much will I get?

Most policies will generally pay a certain percentage, commonly 75%, of your usual wage or salary.

This, of course, varies from case to case, so it is important that you enlist the help of a legal professional to determine your correct entitlements.

How does the No Win No Fee apply?

Our No Win No Fee policy in insurance and superannuation claims

Turner Freeman Lawyers can help you with your Superannuation & Insurance compensation claims. We can also help you contest, challenge or dispute a rejected claim on a 'No Win - No Fee' basis.

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