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Life Insurance and Death Benefit Claims

When a loved one passes away, the hardship following their death is often compounded if they were a source of income for their dependants.

Entitlement to superannuation and insurance benefits

All super funds in Australia offer benefits in the event of a loved one’s death. If you were a spouse, child or financially dependent on someone who has passed away, you may be entitled to their super contributions and connected insurance benefits. These benefits are designed to ease the burden of financial strife at this difficult time.

Terms & conditions vary between insurers. Our Superannuation team can assist you in these circumstances.

We can help

For more information on how we can assist with your life insurance and death benefit claims, please call us on 13 43 63 to speak with our TPD claims specialist Fatima Verdingola in Western Australia. Alternatively, come and visit us in our WA office located in Perth CBD.


Binding nominations in super funds

Binding nominations in super funds

It is recommended that you act to retrieve these benefits as soon as possible. Turner Freeman Lawyers can help to ensure the superannuation fund pays all relevant entitlements.

It is possible for super fund members to nominate the beneficiary to whom a payment should be made. This can be done in a binding or non-binding way. A binding nomination must be followed by the super fund provided the nomination remains current and valid at the time of death.


Disputing binding nominations

Disputing binding nominations

Some binding nominations can be disputed. There are strictly defined guidelines that determine what this criteria is. For example a beneficiary who was not family, but financially dependent on a member at the time of nomination, but was not financially dependent at the time of death may no longer meet the required definition.

For more information or to find out if you are eligible to claim, call us on 13 43 63.

Time limits to dispute death benefits

There are strict time limits that apply to disputing decisions made about the distribution of death benefits. You should seek urgent advice as soon as possible to ensure you have the best chance of receiving everything you are entitled to.

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