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Claiming for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) in WA

When you are injured or ill and unable to work or enjoy your usual daily activities, you may have insurance coverage that you are not aware of through your superannuation. If you are the dependent of a deceased loved one, you or the deceased’s estate may also be entitled to claim on TPD insurance via a post mortem or after death claim.

What is TPD?

TPD coverage commonly provides financial benefits to those who are no longer able to work in their usual occupation or any other occupation they are reasonable suited to due to mental or physical disability or ill health.

To claim for TPD, you will need to show that your injury or illness has stopped you from working

For those who are very seriously injured, or who were not working at the time of disability, other definitions can also be relevant.  In these cases, a definition is usually based around not being able to perform personal care or the activities of daily living such as feeding, walking, dressing and showering.

Can I claim for TPD?

To qualify for TPD benefits, you will need to show that your injury or illness has stopped you from working, and that you are unable to continue working in your usual job and any other occupation that fits your skills, training or education.

Unlike other injury related claims, when you are claiming for TPD you do not need to prove that the injury or illness was caused by someone else or that it is work related.  For example, if you are suffering from cancer or an organic mental health condition such as bipolar and are unable to work, you will still receive benefits.  You just need to show that the injury or illness is significant and has affected your ability to earn an income, or has seriously impeded your ability to engage in your daily activities.

What benefits will be paid?

Providing you meet the relevant criteria, you will be eligible to receive your insurance benefits in addition to gaining early access to your Superannuation.  These benefits may come as either a lump-sum or regular payments.

In terms of the amount that may be recovered, this will depend on the type of insurance cover you have and how much you are insured for.  This information is usually included in the fine print of your policy or statements.

These benefits are commonly available in addition to Centrelink payments, workers (or other similar) compensation you may have received for the injury or illness.

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