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Are you a sub-contractor? We can assist.

An increasing numbers of workers are no longer direct employees, but are engaged as sub-contractors.

Turner Freeman Lawyers have extensive expertise in acting for independent contractors in relation to work related issues.

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Call (08) 9325 0900 to speak with our employment law specialist Timothy Kucera in Western Australia or come and visit us. Our WA office is located in Perth CBD.


Assisting with contractual negotiation & advice

Assisting with contractual negotiation & advice

Unlike employees, independent contractors don’t have the protections of awards, enterprise agreements or the Fair Work Act. With some protections they law regards them as negotiating on an equal basis with principal contractors, even though often the difference in bargaining power is the same as it is for employees.

Breaching of employment contracts

Breaching of employment contracts

A contract of employment is an agreement between an Employer and an Employee, which includes the terms and conditions that govern that employment. A contract can be written or verbal. A breach of contract can occur where an employer does meet its obligations under the contract.

What are unfair contracts?

What are unfair contracts?

The court will consider a number of factors in making a determination as to whether a contract is unfair including whether the contract is:

  • harsh or unconscionable;
  • unjust;
  • against the public interest;
  • designed to provisions of the Fair Work Act;
  • provides for remuneration at a rate less than a comparable employee would receive;
  • otherwise unfair.

Sham contracts

Sham contracts

A sham employment contract is an agreement that purports to be an independent contractor agreement but is in fact a contract of employment. It is often done so as to deny an employee their proper entitlements.


Meet our employment lawyer

Our employment law specialist

Timothy Kucera is a Lawyer at Turner Freeman’s WA office with extensive experience in employment and industrial law.

Admitted as a lawyer in 1999, Tim has been working for trade unions and workers in the manufacturing, food construction, mining and transport industries for over 20 years.

His expertise include all aspects of employment law and industrial law. Tim worked for the AMWU, CFMEU as well as other WA unions during his career.

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