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Personal Injury & Compensation Lawyers

Turner Freeman Lawyers specialises in personal injury and compensation claims. Throughout Australia you will find friendly and expert professionals who are passionate about doing a great job for our clients. We have Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury law, Asbestos law, Super claims, Wills & Estates law, Family law, Employment & Industrial law and Property law as well as experts in Defamation law, Professional Negligence and Commercial Litigation. Our personal injury & compensation lawyers are some of the most experienced in their area of practice.

If you are injured at work, turn to Turner Freeman. We have legal specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in Workers’ Compensation law. Significant changes to the Workers’ Compensation laws take place frequently and it is important that you seek up to date specialist advice to be aware of your rights and entitlements as these changes take effect.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, there is a minefield of strict procedural and time requirements in claiming compensation. We are experts at ensuring compliance with these regulations.

Workplace Injury & Compensation Lawyers

Since 1952 Turner Freeman Compensation Lawyers have been achieving exceptional results for our clients in legal matters of all sizes and across all areas of law including workplace injury & compensation law. We have achieved some of the largest damages payouts awarded in Australia and indeed the law has been changed as a result of cases run and won by Turner Freeman Compensation Lawyers. We will go the distance to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for you.

Personal Injury Lawyers

We provide the highest quality legal services at a reasonable fee, often at no up front cost to our clients, through our No Win No Fee policy. We are so confident of the value we provide and encourage you to speak to one of our Partners about our legal fees before you sign a cost agreement with another compensation & personal injury law firm.


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