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Turner Freeman Lawyers have acted for employees and their organisations for more than 60 years with employment law issues. We have represented countless individuals during difficult times in their working lives, advising them pragmatically on how to ensure they are treated fairly and obtain the best deal to look after themselves and their families.

Sometimes retaining a lawyer is the only way to successfully resolve a workplace or employment issue.

Our Fee Policy in Employment Law

In most cases we charge an initial fee of $400 for the first conference. This includes the conference and a short advice on the case confirming what was discussed in conference.
Every case is different and each case will be assessed and a fee arrangement entered into following that initial conference if there is something we can assist with.

We will supply you a full cost agreement and disclosure. This will either be an hourly charge agreement, a fixed fee agreement or a no win, no fee agreement depending on the type of matter and our assessment of prospects of success.

We Can Help By:

  • Advising on your entitlements
  • Assisting with workplace disputes and negotiations with your employer
  • Termination, unfair dismissal, breach of contract, discrimination and redundancy entitlements
  • Discrimination advice
  • Providing Contract advice

Our Employment Law Claims Information

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Employment Disputes

If you are experiencing difficulties in the course of your employment we can help you resolve these issues.

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Termination of Employment

If you have been terminated from your employment (lawfully or unlawfully) contact us for advice.

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Have you been discriminated against in the workplace? Contact us for advice.

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Union Services

We have been acting for trades unions for more than 6 5 years and are proud of our record in assisting unions and pride ourselves on the results we achieved.

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Contract Advice

Let us help you negotiate the terms and conditions of employment prior to commencement.

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Fee policy in employment law matters

Find out more about our fee policy in employment law matters.

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