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The Cosmetic Institute Class Action

Important Notice

An important notice regarding our class action has been published pursuant to the Orders made by the Supreme Court on 5 July 2022.

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Registration is now open for The Cosmetic Institute Class Action

Turner Freeman Lawyers has commenced a class action against The Cosmetic Institute. Thousands of Australian women have undergone breast augmentation surgery at The Cosmetic Institute’s various facilities in New South Wales and Queensland.

What is the class action about?

Hundreds of women have contacted Turner Freeman Lawyers complaining of having suffered from major intra-operative and post-operative complications following breast augmentation surgery at The Cosmetic Institute’s clinics. These complications include heart issues, seizure activity post-operatively, pneumothorax (punctured lungs) and deficient surgical results causing pain and deformity.

Who can get involved?

If you are entitled to recover compensation from The Cosmetic Institute, you will become a “group member” in the litigation. You are probably a group member if you can satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You must have undergone surgery with The Cosmetic Institute, either at one of their own facilities or at one of their licensed hospitals (Concord Private Hospital, Holroyd Hospital or Southport Day Surgery).
  2. You must have suffered an “injury”.

The best way to determine whether you may be a group member is by registering your details with our office so that we may get in contact with you.

What will this cost?

We understand that you may be concerned about the cost of seeking legal advice. At Turner Freeman Lawyers, we believe that access to legal advice is a basic right, and that all Australians should be able to access proper legal advice, if and when they are in need. Turner Freeman Lawyers is conducting this class action on a “no win, no fee” basis.

What does “no win, no fee” mean? Generally speaking, it means that unless we are successful in the claim against The Cosmetic Institute and succeed in recovering compensation on your behalf, you will not be required to pay any legal costs. If compensation becomes payable, whether by way of judgment or settlement, an order may be made that some of that compensation is used to pay a share of your legal costs. The remainder of the compensation is then paid to you.

How do I get involved?

In any class action, it is important that you put your hand up to be counted. For this reason, we invite you to register your interest in the class action against The Cosmetic Institute with Turner Freeman Lawyers. Following your registration, one of our lawyers will be in touch with you.

If you have any questions, you can contact Sally Gleeson, Medical Negligence Partner on (02) 8222 3309.

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