No Win No Fee on all compensation claims

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One of Australia's most experienced and successful personal injury law firms

Who we are

We are Turner Freeman and we are one of the most experienced and successful personal injury law firms in Australia.

What we do

We have a breadth of expertise across all personal legal matters yet retain a deep specialisation in personal injury.

Why we do it

Our determination and focus on achieving results for our clients is what drives us and sets us apart. We care deeply and are motivated by obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients in their matter, regardless of how challenging.

How we do it

We refuse to be distracted. We are tenacious and competitive in our resolve to help our clients achieve their goals. We leverage our deep expertise and experience, with partners, not paralegals leading all matters.

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If you have any questions about your current situation or require further information please call us on 13 43 63 or fill in our online enquiry form.


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