The partners have great pleasure in advising of the following appointments:

Appointment to the partnership:

Adam Tayler

We congratulate Adam Tayler upon his appointment to the partnership. Adam joined the Brisbane office in January 2012 and since joining our Brisbane office has been responsible for the disability claims department of the Brisbane office. He has developed a substantial practice in that area and is also conducting general compensation claims in Brisbane. In more recent times he has been responsible for the operations of the Cairns office and has managed the firm’s relationship with the Queensland branch of the Maritime Union of Australia.

Appointment to Senior Associate:

We have made a number of appointments within this category:

Kerry Ward

Kerry Ward works at the Logan office. She effectively is the branch manager since the departure of John Vandeleur.

She is an accredited specialist in personal injury law.

She joined the Firm in 2013 and commenced employment at the Logan office.

Kerry has a broad general compensation practice and has developed referral networks in the Logan area for compensation work.

Ciaran Ehrich

Ciaran Ehrich has worked in the Brisbane office since June 2012 when he joined the Firm. He has a very substantial specialist compensation practice. Ciaran assists Thady with the compensation work in the Brisbane office and also assists in the maintenance of our relationship with the Asbestos Diseases Support Society of Queensland. He has been an outstanding performer in that area.

Jenna Hutchinson

Jenna Hutchinson works in the Brisbane office. She is the practice group leader of the wills and estates department in Queensland. She has grown the department significantly since joining the Firm. Jenna is involved in estate work not just in Queensland but also in the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

Matthew O’Keefe

Matthew O’Keefe commenced employment with the Firm in January 2012. He works at our Ipswich office.

Matthew is the senior practitioner in the thriving Ipswich office. He has a very broad range of compensation work as well as total and permanent disability claims and in more recent times specialist compensation claims.

Appointments to Associate

We have also made a number of appointments within this category:

Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson is a member of the Maroochydore office. She joined the Firm in early 2012.

Kim also has a substantial general compensation practice including total and permanent disability claims.

Congratulations to all

The Partners congratulate all of the appointees for their commitment and dedication to the Firm and its clients. We thank you for the contribution that you have made to date.

We look forward to you to continuing to develop your careers with the Firm for a long time to come.