Possible jail time for out of control parties

A new legislation proposed by the state government could soon see organisers of out of control, so called Facebook parties fined or face jail under these proposed laws.

The purpose of this new legislation is to crack down on these often violent, out-of-control parties which frequently end in serious injuries to attendees, police and/or innocent bystanders and damage to properties. In addition, this new law will keep neighbouring families safe without having to live in fear of party goers damaging their properties.

The community, neighbourhoods, families and police have had enough of these out of control, violent drug-fuelled and alcohol-fuelled parties. The Police Minister Mr Dempsey said in a statement.

Under the new law, a person who organises a party that becomes an out-of-control event, their parents or gate crashers face a maximum penalty of 12 months jail or $12,100. If police face aggravated and violent circumstances when shutting down wild parties, the party organisers may face fines up to $18,150 and three years in prison.

However, people who try to do the right thing are still protected. If the organiser of the party can prove that they have taken reasonable steps to guarantee the event is contained and not out-of-control, or where there is clearly a third party that caused the offence will not be charged.

Definition of out-of-control parties include behaviour such as fighting, damaging property, throwing objects to harm people, disorderly conduct, making unreasonable noise and trespassing.

Police will also have the power to take all necessary reasonable steps to take action at these parties or events which includes the condition for a person convicted to pay the costs acquired by police.

If your party or event starts to get out of control call Triple Zero (000) immediately. You are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your guests.

For tips on how to responsibly plan a party, visit the QPS website at http://www.police.qld.gov.au/