Ong Ming Tan, previously a psychiatrist, indecently assaulted a number of women at the prestigious Northside Clinic in Sydney and as a result he has been barred by the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) from practising medicine for five years. Turner Freeman Lawyers acted for a number of this doctor’s previous patients in claims brought against him personally and also against the Northside Clinic.

The charges against this doctor relate to a number of complaints made by his former patients regarding sexual and psychological abuse which they suffered whilst under his care. In March 2014, Dr Tan was convicted of four offences of aggravated indecent assault against four of his former patients. He served two years of a three year term, being released on parole in March this year.

On 2 September 2016 the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) prosecuted Dr Tan seeking cancellation of his registration as a medical practitioner and a ban to be imposed on him seeking re-registration in the future. The NCAT panel found that Dr Tan’s behaviour was predatory in nature and that he suffered from bipolar disorder combined with a narcissistic personality disorder and therefore found he was unfit to practise medicine for the foreseeable future. His ban of 5 years is in the low range of the sentence asked for by the HCCC, who had asked for a ban of 5-10 years to be imposed.

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