Dangers of cosmetic surgeries

Sally Gleeson, our medical negligence partner featured in last night’s 4 Corners program on the ABC highlighting the dangers of today’s cosmetic surgeries and the devastating effects of when things go wrong.

To view this program online click here: https://www.abc.net.au/4corners/beautys-new-normal/10115838

Breast surgeries at The Cosmetic Institute

We heard from a number of women on the show who have undergone breast surgeries at The Cosmetic Institute (TCI) offices in a number of cities in Australia.

We also heard from previous employees of TCI about the running of its operation, targeting women who can barely afford these operations as it is, and when things go wrong, the further financial and physical costs for these women are devastating.

The journalist reported on cases where women had to be taken to emergency due to collapsed lungs while undergoing breast augmentation. We also heard from a doctor on the first case in Australia where a woman has gone blind due to cosmetic injection she received at a cosmetic parlour.

Dangerously unregulated industry

The current cosmetic surgery environment is largely unregulated, leaving doctors to have to pick up the pieces of these botched results to give these women back their dignity and self-confidence. All the while these so called cosmetic surgeons without proper qualifications, training or experience can keep practising and performing surgeries on unsuspecting victims.

Turn to Turner Freeman – join our class action

Turner Freeman Lawyers has began a class action as a result of a large number of complaints from women who have left disfigured, injured and in pain with unsatisfactory results by surgeons at TCI. No matter how big or small you perceive your negative results, whether you have already received some payout or had a rectification surgery, we want to hear from you.

Remember, if it happened to you, it has happened to others.

To join our class action, please contact Sally Gleeson on (02) 8222 3333 or fill out the form below.