The decision to either purchase or sell a property can be stressful and/or emotional. There are various steps required when purchasing or selling a property leading up to the point that you will require a conveyancer. It is the usual practice to engage a real estate agent (“agent”) who takes on various responsibilities such as marketing, conducting property viewings, and furnishing you with essential information.

The process for a property being auctioned slightly differs from a sale in the fact that you will have access to a Form 1 document 72 hours before the auction date. The agent will also provide explanations regarding pertinent property details such as the presence of any easements.

Once you have “won” an auction or had your offer accepted, the agent will inquire, “Who is your conveyancer?” If you haven’t selected one yet, the agent may suggest a conveyancer that they have a professional relationship with, but the choice is ultimately your decision to choose your conveyancer.

At Turner Freeman Lawyers Adelaide, we have an experienced, qualified, in-house conveyancer.  We suggest reaching out to us before making an offer on a property or participating in an auction.

We offer services where we review the Form 1 document prior to the auction or signing of a contract, on your behalf. During our review process, we meticulously go over all documents, highlighting any critical information you should be aware of, especially any details that might prompt you to reconsider your decision to purchase the property. You can also explore some real-life examples of issues we have successfully addressed.

The conveyancing process

There are many steps required for both the sale or purchase of a property prior to the transfer being effected at settlement. Once you enlist our services, we promptly initiate the process for either your purchase or sale. This encompasses conducting our own searches to ensure due diligence, coordinating with the vendor’s/purchaser’s conveyancer, drafting the requisite legal documents for land transfer, and managing the financial aspects of the settlement. We ensure that everything is meticulously prepared and in order for the scheduled settlement to proceed.

Fees and charges

It is always crucial to request a written and itemised quote from your conveyancer. Conveyancing is a domain where the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. If you receive a quote that appears exceptionally low, it is prudent to inquire about what it does not cover, as there may be “hidden costs” which you are unaware of. Additionally, seek clarification on any other fees and charges associated with the sale or purchase. For instance, our fees already encompass a mortgagee liaison fee and stamping fee, without additional charges to you. Here at Turner Freeman Lawyers, we are price competitive in the market.


It is important in this day and age to know the value of a qualified and experienced conveyancer. The experience at Turner Freeman Lawyers extends beyond our own services as we strive to assist our clients in any way possible.  We can also provide recommendations for other essential services you might require, such as building inspectors, accountants, mortgage brokers, and financial advisors. The property purchase process involves numerous considerations, and we can connect you with trusted advisors.


Keep in mind, to safeguard your interests, it is advisable to select your own independent conveyancer. You have the freedom to choose the professional you feel most comfortable with, and it is recommended to not share the same conveyancer as the other party. This precautionary measure helps prevent complications should conflicts arise.

At Turner Freeman Lawyers our dedicated conveyancer can provide impartial guidance to support you at every step of the process. Moreover, reaching out to us early in the process is beneficial as we can review contracts and engage in discussions about the documents and the overall process before you are committed.

Ultimately our role as your conveyancer is to ensure your satisfaction and prevent any unexpected surprises or expenses.

If you would like to contact us about conveyancing please contact our specialist in this area, Kathy Tziavrangos, Conveyancer, located at our Adelaide office. Kathy will assess your requirements and provide personalised service. Contact us today on (08) 8213 1000 to arrange a time to meet with Kathy.