Picture this: you are planning a holiday off Queensland’s Coast at a popular destination such as the Whitsundays, Fraser Island or Moreton Island.  You have booked a short experience on a vessel to explore the reef, enjoy the view and go snorkelling.  You envision sunshine, blue skies, and clear water – what could possibly go wrong?

In Queensland’s forty-degree summer months, engaging in water sports has become an increasingly popular activity added to many holiday itineraries.  Operators of these vessels owe an established duty of care to all passengers to ensure their safety is paramount.  Unfortunately, at the expense of patrons, accidents do occur whether it be due to poor weather conditions, poor planning or inexperienced crew.  These accidents can result in a detrimental impact on one’s life from cutting a holiday short to having time off work and having to engage in strenuous treatment.

Type of Accidents

Examples of accidents can include:

  • Any injury of a patron while riding on a vessel;
  • Intense weather conditions creating for a bumpy ride resulting in an injury;
  • Slip and falls as a patron while on a vessel or boarding;
  • Injury while riding on a ferry;
  • Accidents from either jet ski’s or yachting; and
  • Crash injuries between a vessel and an object such as the pier, or another vessel.

The examples outlined above happen repeatedly and are a harsh reality for several individuals.  Some injuries seen include fractured vertebrae, legs, arms or skull, spinal cord damage, brain injuries, lacerations and psychological impacts.  Any of these injuries if found to be the legal responsibility of the operator, means you can be entitled to compensation.  It must be established that the operator a) owed you a duty of care, b) breached such duty and c) caused damage or injury.

More often than not, these water sports companies are concerned with the profits to be made rather than the safety of passengers onboard.  Their glossy, inviting brochures allow patrons to anticipate a picturesque experience.  However, if companies fall short of these pretty pictures, the harsher truth comes at the expense of its harmed customers.  Often the injuries sustained are severe and if so a claimant may be entitled to receive damages for pain and suffering, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of income and care and assistance provided.

Before embarking on these kinds of services, check to ensure the company is reputable.  If injured, though, it is crucial to take action and contact our lawyers as soon as possible due to lengthy investigations and the time limitations that apply.

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