Written by Kerry Ward

If you are injured in a car accident but are unable to identify the driver or the vehicle at fault, you can make a claim against the Nominal Defendant. However, strict time limits apply.

At the scene of the accident

  1. If anyone is injured, you should call 000 and call for an ambulance;
  2. If anyone is seriously injured you should call 000 and ask for an ambulance and police. If no-one is seriously injured, then you should report the accident to police as soon as possible and preferably within 24 hours;
  3. You should write or record as much information as you can about the vehicle at fault whilst it is fresh in your mind – make, model, body type (eg sedan, SUV), registration number, colour of the vehicle, whether the vehicle has sign-writing or any identifying features, the nature of the damage to the vehicle;
  4. A description of the driver and passengers;
  5. Take a photo of the vehicle at fault if you are able to do so. You should not chase after the vehicle;
  6. Ask any witnesses as to whether they can identify the driver/vehicle at fault and ask for their description and contact details.

After the accident

  1. You should seek medical treatment from a doctor or hospital if you have any pain or discomfort and you should report all of your injuries/symptoms to your treating doctor, no matter how minor the symptoms;
  2. You should seek medical treatment at the earliest opportunity as delay can cause difficulties with establishing that your injuries were sustained as a result of the accident;
  3. Seek early advice from a lawyer about making a claim and seeking assistance to arrange insurer funded treatment and rehabilitation.

Time Limits

  1. If the vehicle at fault cannot be identified, then a Notice of Accident Claim Form must be given within 3 months after the motor vehicle accident;
  2. If a Notice of Accident Claim Form is not given within this time period, then the obligation to give the notice continues and a reasonable excuse for the delay must be given to the Nominal Defendant;
  3. If a motor vehicle cannot be identified and the notice is not given to the Nominal Defendant within 9 months after the motor vehicle accident, the claim against the Nominal Defendant is statute barred from proceeding;
  4. If you comply with the above time limits, then court proceedings must be commenced within 3 years of the date of the accident. Prior to commencing court proceedings, you must comply with the pre-court steps under the Motor Accident Insurance Act.

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