A collection of hazardous everyday items

We like to see ourselves as masters of progress and innovation, but it is a little underwhelming to look at some of the everyday items we use that are lurking risk factors for harm to body and probably also pride in many circumstances.

Systems and laws have been put in place to discourage abandonment and improper use, however newer designs may be the more efficient way to go?

  • Doors are something of a necessity for functionality, privacy, insulation and all manner of controls in buildings, vehicles and even toys. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise that this humble mechanism is the source of significant amounts of injury on sheer numbers alone. Apart from the commonly experienced fingers jammed in closing doors in homes and cars, it seems trains; mining sites; and workshops are also particularly rife with examples of significant injury (including death) as a result of malfunctioning or poorly maintained door mechanisms.



  • Many homes in Queensland rely on ceiling fans to move the dense air around in the hotter months of the year. They are also present in many other places, such as hotels, office spaces, and tourist areas. Ceiling fans have been known to contribute to a variety of injuries, some examples of which include:
    • Injuries caused by the entire fan unit falling onto someone;
    • Injuries caused by contact with moving parts (such as your hand when you shake out your bed sheets and forget the fan is on);
    • Hair or other body parts getting stuck in the moving parts;
    • Injuries caused by falling or flying pieces;
    • Accidents involving electrical components (electrocution accidents);
    • Accidents involving fires(often related to an electrical issue);

Ceiling fan related injuries can be serious and may lead to severe head, neck, back, and hand or other injuries. Different factors can contribute to the injury, such as the size/weight of the fan unit, and the height of the ceiling.

Tropical climates seem to be specifically more risky for children and ceiling fans, https://researchonline.jcu.edu.au/28745/.

As always, people should approach their daily activates with the appropriate level of regard and respect for their environments. In some circumstances, however, there may be other factors at play that have lead to such accidents involving these unsuspecting overachievers in the injury department, that leads to legal entitlements.

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