Boral is one of Australia’s largest construction material companies, but even a major player like this can be subject to legal action if it fails to provide adequate safety measures for its employees.

Recently, Boral was fined $180,000 over safety breaches related to the exposure of workers to deadly silica dust.

WorkSafe Victoria commenced legal proceedings against the company for failing to provide appropriate respiratory masks to its employees who were working at its quarry in Melbourne. The lack of protective equipment meant that workers were exposed to potentially dangerous levels of silica dust, which can cause serious health issues including lung cancer and silicosis.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident as many other companies have been found to be in breach of safety regulations when it comes to the protection of their workers from hazardous dust like silica dust. If you have been exposed to silica dust due to inadequate safety measures by your employer, Turner Freeman Lawyers may be able to help. We have a team of experienced lawyers who can assist you if you have suffered from silicosis or other diseases resulting from exposure to silica dust.

It is essential that employers take the necessary steps to protect their workers from such risks and adhere to safety regulations. In this case, Boral failed to provide adequate protection for its employees and was consequently fined. Employers must be held accountable when they fail in their duty of care towards their workers.

The article by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald can be found here.

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