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We are always looking to get the best outcome for our clients in their matter, regardless of how challenging

Our determination to go the extra mile for our clients and to take on matters seen as too challenging by others is what sets us apart.

Our focus on achieving results for our clients is what drives us.

Joshep Di Giromalo | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Joseph Di Girolamo

“Without their help, I don’t know what would have happened. I really don’t …”

“I wasn’t out looking for a solicitor but my brother had recently used one and he said you really have to talk to Turner Freeman, they are really really good and they look after you. They just kept breaking it down to the point where I could understand. And it made me more comfortable to keep going.”

Orlando Al Pacino testimonial | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Orlando Al Pacino

“They have good communication… they always keep me informed by email and phone so I know what is going on. I would recommend Turner Freeman to all my friends. If anyone wants to choose a lawyer, I say Turner Freeman!”

David Germanos testimonial | Turner Freeman Lawyers

David Germanos

“I found them easy to deal with, very professional and everything was explained to me black and white.”

Stephen H testimonial | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Stephen Hutchins

“We definitely recommend Turner Freeman to anyone out there who is looking for a good empathetic lawyer, who would prosecute the case with vigour, determination and a lot of courage.”

tim newson testimonial | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Tim Newson

“I have not only gained a friend and advocate in Luke Power, I have also gained a family in the Staff at the Turner Freeman Parramatta Office.”

pat rogan testimonial

Pat Rogan

“Out of 10, you’d have to give them 20… It far exceeded one’s expectations. They couldn’t come with a higher recommendation.”

terren bennet testimonial | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Terren Bennet

“Turner Freeman were really good to me, they were very friendly and approachable. I felt very comfortable talking to them about my matters.”

kim ahmed testimonial | Turner Freeman lawyers

Kim Ahmed

“Terry was there from start to end. I could call him at all times.”

mary rodgers testimonial | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Mary Rodgers

“The service I received from Turner Freeman was absolutely brilliant. They were fantastic in every way.”

Serafina Salucci testimonial | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Serafina Salucci

“I didn’t expect to get so much support and compassion.”

marcia Benaud | Turner Freeman Lawyers

Marcia Benaud

“I would recommend Turner Freeman always, to anybody at all who approached me.”


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