No Win No Fee on all compensation claims

Our Legal Process

Turner Freeman has been providing care, support and outstanding results to our clients for over 65 years.

Although there are numerous other law firms that share Turner Freeman’s area of expertise, we stand apart on our unrivalled professionalism, our high success rate, and our personalised treatment of every individual client.

We see Law as a constructive force for good, and it is our aim to protect our clients’ rights and secure their futures to the fullest extent possible, while also addressing the larger issues facing families, workplaces and society as a whole.

Our main focus is getting the best outcome for you. Which is why with us, you can be sure you are only getting the finest legal representation from expert lawyers. We never assign cases to junior staff. After all, we want the best chance of success!

Our ultimate aim at Turner Freeman Lawyers is to use our legal expertise to give quality of life back to those who have experienced hardship.

Although most people associate law with courtrooms, the truth is that the large majority of claims that we handle are resolved before court proceedings take place. The claims process can be complex, but most claims generally follow the below pattern.


Our claims process

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Obligation-free consultation

We meet with you to obtain a detailed description of what has happened, and how you have been affected. At this stage, you will need to give us authorisation to collect information to enable us to fully investigate your rights. Using this information

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If we believe we can successfully pursue your claim, we will send you a proposal, explaining our plan of action. We will also explain our No Win No Fee pricing structure. If the matter does not proceed beyond that stage, there will be nothing to pay.

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Notifying of a claim

Once you agree to our terms, we will commence your claim. We will also obtain all of the expert evidence necessary to support your claim. We will fund this in accordance with our No Win No Fee terms so you will not be out of pocket.

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Once all of the necessary evidence has been obtained, we will enter into negotiations with the insurer. This may involve a face to face settlement discussion with the insurer.

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In the event that your claim is not resolved in the pre-court process, it is open to you to commence a court claim to further pursue your rights.

Settlement negotiations are still likely to occur even after commencement of the court process. Ultimately if the matter does not settle it will proceed to trial. Trials in these claims are rare as the vast majority of cases settle either in the pre-court or court stages.


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